ARGO IS is a modern and efficient Investigative Institute, characterized by competence, dedication and continuous search for excellence in carrying out the activity and in the investigation of the truth.

Our detective agency is in possession of licenses, issued by the Prefecture, to operate throughout the national territory in the investigation activities in the Private, Corporate, Insurance and Commercial Information sectors.

The Security Division also assists our customers in the management of critical issues deriving from exogenous events of a criminal nature.

Company Surveys

ARGO IS makes available to companies its investigative services within the company, aimed at protecting assets and assets, as well as finding evidence to support in court.

Private Investigations

ARGO IS operates with the support of Law Firms, in carrying out investigative activities, aimed at finding information requested by the private citizen, for the protection of a right to be asserted in court and which may concern the family, matrimonial, patrimonial, the protection of minors and the search for missing persons.    

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Insurance Investigations

ARGO IS offers qualified professional services and solutions in the insurance anti-fraud sector. Investigations at the Authorities, identification and tracing of persons informed about the facts, investigations, inspections, hearings, expert reports on the various cases of accidents (fires, road accidents, accidents at work, etc.), through the use of specially trained and prepared personnel, with the help of professionals in the insurance sector.

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Commercial Information

Through economic-financial investigations useful for establishing patrimonial resources and verifying the reliability of companies and people, ARGO IS deals with the retrieval and verification of information that can be produced in court on Companies, Bodies and Natural Persons both on the national territory and abroad.    

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Digital Forensics

Using a team of experts, we offer Companies, Law Firms and Individuals, a computer investigation service aimed at finding and retrieving evidence to be asserted in court.

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Security Division

In un’epoca caratterizzata dall'internazionalizzazione delle aziende, dal globalismo e dall’intensificarsi dei rischi atipici di natura criminosa, ARGO IS è un alleato strategico fondamentale per Aziende, Privati e Amministrazioni Pubbliche.

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L'Investigatore Privato

A Private Investigator is a natural person who has been granted a Police License by the Prefecture where the subject has established the operational headquarters, to carry out Private Investigation activities .

The requirements to become a Private Investigator, provided for by Ministerial Decree 269/2010 and art. 134 and following of the TULPS, are very stringent:

  • be in possession of a degree in Investigation Sciences or equivalent;
  • have carried out for at least three years operational activity with a Private Investigator or alternatively have served in the investigative departments of the Police Forces, for a period of not less than five years;
  • have obtained a certificate relating to a University course of specialization in Private Investigations and Commercial Information;
  • not having obtained convictions for non-culpable crimes;
  • demonstrate suitable economic, financial and organizational capacity.

The activity of Private Investigator can be conducted in the form of the sole proprietorship or in the more structured form of the partnership or capital.

ARGO IS is a joint-stock company structured and operating through employees, regularly hired and reported for elementary investigative tasks (C.I.I.E.), to the Prefecture of Brescia, the competent body that issued the authorization titles.

Our detective agency is in possession of the Private Investigation Licenses issued by the Prefecture of Brescia, to carry out:

The main territory of action of our Institute is represented by the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo even if our work extends to the whole national territory.

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